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Biological Sample Database (Biobank)

What is a Biobank?

A Biobank stores biological samples such as blood, saliva, urine and stools for public health research purposes. These biological samples provide important health information including genetic make up and gut bacteria, which help us understand the causes of disease, so as to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some examples of Biobank around the world:


地方 Places
生物樣本資料庫名稱 Name of Biobank
沙地亞拉伯 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Biobank
新加坡 Singapore
National Heart Centre Singapore Biobank
中國 China
China Kadoorie Biobank
台灣 Taiwan
Taiwan Biobank
日本 Japan
Biobank Japan
南韓 South Korea
Korea Biobank Network
Bio - CN.jfif
Bio - TW.png
Bio - JP.jpg


地方 Places
生物樣本資料庫名稱 Name of Biobank
愛沙尼亞 Estonia
Estonian Biobank
芬蘭 Finland
英國 United Kingdom
UK Biobank
Bio - UK.png
Bio - FI.png


地方 Places
生物樣本資料庫名稱 Name of Biobank
墨西哥 Mexico
Mexican Biobank project
美國 United States
Penn Medicine BioBank
加拿大 Canada
CARTaGENE biobank
Bio - US.png


地方 Places
生物樣本資料庫名稱 Name of Biobank
非洲 Africa
Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Initiative
烏干達 Uganda
IBRH3AU Biorepository
尼日利亞 Nigeria
Lagos State Biobank
Bio - Ni.jpg
Bio - Ug.jpg


地方 Places
生物樣本資料庫名稱 Name of Biobank
紐西蘭 New Zealand
Te Ira Kāwai (Auckland Regional Biobank)
澳洲 Australia
Australian Health Biobank
Bio - NZ.png
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