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July 28, 2018

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【Children of Jiuqi】
Leung Cheuk Wai recalls four generations of research, if there is no new funding, worry about losing 21 years of data

(Hong Kong 01) (Chinese Version Only)


【Children of Jiuqi】

The University of Hong Kong has tracked and studied thousands of Hong Kong B researchers calling for "lost BB" to return to the team

(Hong Kong 01) (Chinese Version Only)

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"Children of 1997" contribute to public health (Apple Daily)

September 22, 2014


Radio Television Hong Kong's clang set mentions the health follow-up survey of "Children of 1997"

July 18, 2014     


"Children of 1997" Tracking Research Conference: "Breastfeeding is beneficial to improving public health in Hong Kong"

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"Children of 1997" TV Special

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"Children of 1997" press conference

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