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July 2018   -   21st Birthday Party

To celebrate the "Children of 1997" Birth Cohort Study and the "Children of 1997" participants turned 21 together, the School of Public Health of The University of Hong Kong hosted a grand birthday party on 28 July 2018 at Loke Yew Hall, The University of Hong Kong. In addition to nearly 500 participants, we also invited famous singer Mr. Lam Yik-hong, international relations scholar Dr. Shen Xu-hui and HKU alumni Mr. Law Wing-chung to celebrate together. In the sharing session, they shared their thoughts and experiences under the title of "Me in 1997" and "Me in 21".

August 2013 to 2017  - Biobank Clinical Follow Up

We launched a Biobank Clinical Follow-up from August 2013 to December 2017. We set up several study sites in Hong Kong, included in Sha Tin, Yau Ma Tei and North Point for the convenience of all the “Children of 1997” participants. During the follow-up, we conducted a health assessment, including lung function tests, body fat percentage tests, and collection of biospecimens, such as blood, saliva, urine, hair and nails. Participants completed questionnaires about their health and lifestyle. We do really value the contribution of the "Children of 1997"'s participants, as every participant is a unique member of this long-term study. By joining our follow-up, participants support public health research in Hong Kong.

December 2012  - Movie Appreciation

Dr. Mary Schooling, members of the research team and participants of the "Children of 1997"watched
movie in Tin Shui Wai District. (Photo: Bottom Left)

Event_movie 2012.jpg
Event_tram 2012.jpg

December 2012  - Christmas Party

Professor Leung GM and Dr. Lee SL attended the 'Christmas Tram Party' with more than 20 families
of "Children of 1997". (Photo: Upper Right)

November 2012  - Hong Kong Children's Symphony Orchestra Winter Concert

Dr. Mary Schooling, members of the research team and more than 50 families of "Children of 1997"
enjoyed the Hong Kong Children's Symphony Orchestra's winter concert. (Photo: Bottom Left)

Concert_Spring 2013.jpg
Visitng HKU_Spring 2010.jpg

February 2010  - HKU Campus Tour

Several members of the research team and 12 families of the "Children of 1997" not only visited the
Faculty of Medicine of The University of Hong Kong, but also had lunch with Professor Lam Tai-hing,
the head of the Department of Community Medicine (predecessor of the School of Public Health)
of The University of Hong Kong. 

(Photo: Upper Right)

January 2008        -    RTHK's Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs

December 2007    -     Merry Christmas to all!

April - May 2007   -     Logo Design Competition

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