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am730 <10 Apr 2019>   

HKU Study: Breastfeeding linked to healthier blood levels in teens 

(Chinese only)

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HK01 <28 Jul 2018>   

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<22 Sep 2014> 

"Children of 1997" mentioned in

'HK Connection' (RTHK) 

'Mother's Choices' (13:15 - 14:10)

Sources: RTHK (Acknowledge: TVB, HKU Library)

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Chinese only (Excerpt)

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Apple Daily <14 Jun 2015 >   

HKU collected "Children of 1997"'s biospecimen (physical data) in the past 21 years  

(Chinese only)


"Children of 1997" TV Evening Show                                              

 <6 Nov 2007> 


TVB Jade Channel "Tuesday Report"

Episode 'Three Generation'

Introduce "Children of 1997" study

Source: TVB (Acknowledgement: HKU Library)

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Chinese only (Excerpt)

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Media TV - 6.jpg

Chinese only (Excerpt)

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Chinese only (Excerpt)

Press Conference               <29 May 2007>

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